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A new Board of Directors was elected on Nov 5th to lead the club through the next year, they are Jeff Page, George Melnik, Kevin Sells, Mark Urbany, and Evelyn Rosengarten. 

Club officers for 2022 are:  President  George Melnik,  Vice President Evelyn Rosengarten, Secretary Deborah Chapman and Treasuer Harry Ganter

 Flightfest 2022 has been scheduled.  The event is Saturday August 13, 2022  from 12 pm to 6 pm

Flightfest 2022 website

Be sure to check the KAFJ Notams before flying at the airport

Pittsburgh Flight Training Center, Pittsburgh's oldest and largest flight school, is seeking applicants for an assistant chief flight instructor position.  This is a full-time position.  A successful applicant will be willing to make a long-term, exclusive commitment to this position.  Responsibilities will include conducting stage checks and basic office management.  The flight school consists of 7 aircraft, 8 flight instructors, and 2 dispatchers.  Customers included private, instrument, commercial, multi-engine, and CFI students from multiple Part 141 programs across the region.  The flight school also conducts extensive Part 61 training.
Hold a Current CFI Certificate (CFII and MEI preferred)
Meet the Qualifications of 14 CFR 141.35
2,000 PIC
1,500 Dual Given
Live within 1 hour of Allegheny County Airport
Scott Szuhay  412-592-4301

The Civil Air Patrol has moved its meeting time to Thursday evenings weekly

BasicMed is here... get the details

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