President's Message

Welcome to the Washington Flyers Club web-page, if you are interested, there are applications here on line and the minutes so if you are new or a member that missed the meeting, you can catch up on the business at hand.

Our goal of the Flyers Club is to promote Youth and Aviation, along with being a social club for the members, so our plans and events focus around that.

We have invited the Civil Air Patrol to use our building to hold their meetings and since then most of their officers have joined our club.  We share common interests and they have volunteered to help us with our events and we with theirs.  This has been a great working relationship.

Spring 2017 projects that were accomplished.

     Our goal is to clean up and repair the building to make it more useful.

A need to separate the kitchen from the Meeting Room for both the Flyers Club and the CAP became evident.  We can preparing food or having an officers meeting without disrupting either meetings.  Therefore, the flyers Club purchased a door for the kitchen and the CAP bought the window dividers and we had it installed by a carpenter.  The project was completed during the month of May.

The grill was in need of repair before our annual picnic in June was held.  The inside was cleaned, gas jets on the burners were cleaned and propane was purchased.  We still need to replace some of the ceramic plates before it works the way it should.

The Washington Flyers Club is officially a Non-Profit, Tax exempt Corporation.  Donations can be written off for contributions to the Club.

We applied under Recreational, Sports, Leisure; non-profit Charitable organization.  Our Mission statement is as follows: To establish an organization of aviation enthusiasts to stimulate a general interest in aviation, to promote the advancement of aviation safety through seminars, workshops and support of its members, to educate the general public in the history of aviation, to stimulate an interest in general or private aviation through Washington County, to support youth organizations, like the local Civil Air Patrol, and to provide a club for the social enjoyment of it's members. 


A MEMBERSHIP Drive is in effect; in order to have a prosperous future we need more members to staff the committees and projects in the works.  Membership dues and fund raisers are the only source of income we have at this point to get our Club “off the ground”.  So please as a friend to join and if you haven’t paid your dues, please send them in.

2018 Projected Plans

1)   Our plans were to schedule an event with the Berlin Airlift Foundation and bring in the plane, contact the schools and arrange field trips to the Airport for a history lesson about the Berlin Airlift, tour the airplane and also tour some of our business on the field.  All followed up with the C-54 doing a candy drop for the kids over the weekend. 

2)   To make this happen, other events West of us have already scheduled dates, so on the return trip a discount was negotiated to keep our costs down while we are getting our Club established.

3)   Unfortunately the events planned to make this possible cancelled with the Berlin Aircraft Foundation.  A decision was made to use the time to do necessary maintenance on the C-54, so our event was cancelled for this fall.   This will work out well for us, We have more time to set up the event and get sponsors.

4)   Jeff Paige, Vice President, who flies for UPS, says there will be a shortage of Pilots in the near future.  There are companies looking for pilots who have their instrument and commercial ratings, willing to complete the training as a transport pilot, and the company will pick up all the costs as long as they agree to work for that company when completed.  More information and details will be posted on our site when we get it.

5) The Washington's Flyers Club would like to see a Flight School at Washington Airport and promote general aviation for our county.  So we are looking for more energetic aviation enthusiasts to join our ranks.  

Every Wednesday at 6pm is the CAP meeting.

Hope to see you at the meetings,

Bob Polander 

724-344-0569 cell  Email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.